The Story Behind The Story

I wrote Beyond the Broken because I wanted to consider the eternal question posed by poet Langston Hughes:

What happens to a dream deferred?

I wanted to answer that question from the perspective of women who face unique challenges even in the face of tremendous accomplishment. I wanted to explore what happens to these women when they reach a point in their lives when they look at themselves in the mirror at 40 and wonder,

Who am I and how did I end up here?

My hope is that Beyond the Broken will be a voice for countless women who live some or part of their lives in despair, even though on the outside everything looks perfect, or at least close. I hope to suggest, that although we all experience broken promises and broken hearts, shattered dreams or dashed hopes, if we stop filling up the cracks and masking the pain, there is a beauty, a power and a peace that resides beyond the broken.


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