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IMG_1697 Beyond the Broken is meant to be shared and would be an excellent choice for your book club. The author offers special group pricing for book clubs along with signed copies of Beyond the Broken!

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These questions are a great starting off point for an insightful group discussion.

  1. Do you think Heather’s actions were intentional? Why or why not and does it even matter?
  2. What or who has taken Neva’s breath away?
  3. What do you think of the interpersonal dynamic of the friendships of these women? Is it realistic or not? Should these women consider themselves to be friends given the sometimes harsh nature of their dynamic?
  4. Are Neva’s actions understandable given her context or is what she did simply unexcusable?
  5. Do you find the characters sympathetic or do they just need to stop complaining? Explain.
  6. On page 32, Lauren states, “…black women don’t commit suicide.” Do you agree or disagree with her sentiment? And what are the ramifications of attitudes like hers?
  7. Is a period of celibacy in a marriage necessarily a tell-tale sign of an affair? Why or why not?
  8. On page 70, Annette makes the following comment. “…in all the fine education we got, no one ever taught us how inherently valuable we are–just us. No man or baby or career is necessary to define or validate ourselves.” Do you agree or disagree with her assessment?
  9. What do you make of Lauren’s position of “outsourcing” motherhood? Is her approach admirable? Selfish? Smart? Ridiculous?
  10. Is Dr. Chandra too idealized as a character? Why or why not?
  11. Which do you think is worse–wanting things you cannot have or having everything you ever thought you wanted and finding yourself still wanting?
  12. Were Lauren’s actions justified? Were her actions redeemable at all?
  13. Do you see yourself in any of the characters? If so, which one? If not, what do you think of the characters?
  14. Have you ever looked in the mirror and found yourself unrecognizable to yourself? What did you do next?




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